Clinics We Offer


Chronic Disease Management

  • Asthma
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure (Hypertension)

Additional Services

  • Blood tests - Available with our practice nurses each day until 2.30pm. If you need a late appointment, we can book you into the Choc Clinic at Furness General Hospital for appointments after 6.30pm
  • Cervical smears - Available Monday - Thursday throughout the day and Fridays until 2.30pm
  • Cholesterol monitoring
  • Contraceptive services- See below
  • Child health & immunisations - Our Baby and Child Immunisation clinics are on a Monday morning in the surgery - these are booked by Childrens Health and you will be sent an appointment by letter direct from them.
  • ECG's
  • Height & weight checks
  • Maternity services - antenatal and postnatal care provided by the doctors and midwife.
  • Minor surgery - regular clinics held on Thursday mornings. 
  • Vaccinations and immunisations - including flu, pneumococcal, tetanus and diptheria boosters, polio boosters and travel vaccinations.
  • NHS Health Checks for people aged between 40 and 74. You can request a check or a letter will be sent out to you inviting your a check.
  • Minor Injuries - a drop in clinic for patients with minor wounds (which may require sutures, steri-strips or glue) burns, soft tissue injuries and removal of some foreign bodies.
family planning

Family Planning Services

We offer a range of Family Planning Services provided by GPs and Nurses. 

IUCD Insertions and removals and Contraceptive Implant insertions are not available - please contact the Birchwood clinic. This is by appointment only, please speak to their receptionist for further information on 01229 404464

If you would like to discuss any family planning issues then please speak to a member of our Reception Team who will make an appointment for you to see the GP.

We can offer:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Contraceptive injection
  • Contraceptive pill
  • Emergency contraception